Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My First Signing

In the Dubstep scene I am involved in bring signed does not mean big contract things, its just getting the tracks mastered for you and released to an audience or sent out to certain DJs and Producers. Just to clear the air...

I have just finished the last track I needed to and have just sent the .wav files off to Trilobit Records for mastering. This is my first signing, after sending my tracks to well over 30+ labels each time I release something none of them were interested until Trilobit came to me after a mate (Just1) told them about me when he got signed. The tracks they wanted where a remix of one of Just1's tracks, a really old track by me that no one really noticed as it was released before i really had any followers and a friends (Cubs) remix of the track.

With this being my first signing I hope it is the first of many as I hope to get this EP I am working on signed to a label I love, ideally Tribe12 or Innamind (Not gonna happen but I can dream)

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What goes through my mind when I am producing a track?

Sat here trying to finish off a track to send to Trilobit Records to be mastered because they are waiting for me. Nothing is happening... I can't produce when I have to. Its always a sudden burst of ideas for 3ish hours then that's it for a week or so.

I'm fed up of trying to force ideas out so I decided to do this to refresh my mind, its incredibly hard to schedule creativity.

What goes through my mind when making a track is a lot of things. I would like to say I keep my mind blank cause then I can just go with the flow of whatever pops up in my head but no, instead I am constantly tweaking things; adding more and more reverb to get that dark roomy feel; adding delays; compressing things to make them sound fatter; adjusting levels; going to the toilet and a whole number of other things. I can never stick to one part at a time. I cannot make a rough track, then smarten it up and them master. Its always mastering as I'm adding the different instruments and doing it all as I'm laying down ideas. As I lay down basics like a kick/snare pattern and pads first, then I experiment with the layout of these, then comes my favourite bit: Percussion. Bongos bongos and more bongos. Bongo's out the ass. Fuckin' bongos. I love my bongos, djembes, congas, whatever you want to call them. they're my favourite thing to use so I spent most of my time laying down a nice percussion line, then adding a ton of reverb and automating the delay on certain parts at the end of 4/8 bars. Next comes the bass, I start with a top bass, normally a thick dark reece bass or an enveloped yoi sound to fill the higher frequencies. Once I am happy with all of that then comes the sub! In my opinion its the main part of the track (for the style I make), its the stuff that when played through a decent rig sends chills down your spine, makes you really feel the tune, where all the passion is basically (combined with everything else of course). A decent sub line with glide and pitch shifting all over the place makes me want to melt. After I've done all of that I slap it all together and then vary it each 8/16 bars, the rest is basically repeating stuff and making small changes so I wont go into that.

Musslo Artist Highlight

FatKidOnFire gave me an artist highlight to go with my 'DeepMeditation Remix EP' release with them. Seemed a little much, all the other artists who had highlights were big time people who have worked with all my favourite producers. I'm just lucky

[Artist Highlight] Musslo x FatKidOnFire

Friday, 21 September 2012

Microphone Box Homework

Microphone Box Coursework

Neumann U 87 Ai 
I would get one of these for vocals/room mic. Because its rated one of the top studio microphones and delivers a bright modern sound.

Royer R 121
I would get a couple of these for guitars. Because the rear lobe is brighter than the front lobe so you can get a brighter sound by turning the mic around.

Neumann U 47
I would get five or so of these for drum overheads. Because it has a nice warm sound and sounds good with mostly everything.

Shure SM 58
I would get one or two of these because it’s the industry standard for a dynamic mic.

My Soundcloud

My Soundcloud. The main style of music I make is the deeper, older side of Dubstep but I do plenty of other things Working on an EP soon aswell so keep an eye out for that